Mendon Station Park Recreational Facility & Museum Educational Complex

In 1995, members of the Mendon Foundation sub-committee developed a proposal based on the 1994 Hamlet of Mendon's Master Plan. George Baker of George Baker Architects designed a concept plan for the development of the Lehigh Valley Linear Park between Routes 64 and 251 in the Hamlet of Mendon. This approximately 900 foot long section of the trail runs behind and between local businesses and homes located in the Hamlet.

Highlights of the proposed plan include a pond, pavilion, water tower, paddlewheel and warming house. Gazebos will be located in the park for public use. The main structure (or pavilion) located by the pond will be open on all four sides and may be used to stage various community activities. The pavilion design is based on an old railroad station to capture the feeling and ambiance of the former railroad. The small building adjacent to the pavilion is designed to look like a Mill House and will have potbelly stoves or fireplaces and rest rooms where people can warm up and sit. Carl Foss, President of the Mendon Foundation envisions ice-skating on the pond in winter; band concerts the other seasons and various community events and fundraisers occurring throughout the year. We would like to see this area of the trail provide expanded recreational opportunities and also enhance the economic vitality of the Hamlet, says Foss.

A three dimensional diorama of the park has been used productively at presentations where several park design improvements have been recommended. The Mendon Foundation received an enthusiastic reaction when it was put on public display at last year's Mendon Arts Festival.

There have been some conceptual changes to the original design. The pond has been replaced by a grassy area, which can be used for concert seating in the summer and skating in the winter. They are also looking into purchasing a small railroad train for children to play on.


The Mendon Foundation has received many letters of support and encouragement from our federal and state elected officials, the Mendon Town Board, the Mendon Square Office Park Assn., and several equestrian groups.

U.S. Congressman Tom Reynolds referred to the park plan as a linking center piece of recreation and local history. The proposed site has the potential to serve as a catalyst for an educational, recreational and tourist center. It is my contention that the proposed expansion plan signifies an advancement for which New York State would be proud”. says Reynolds.

This spring work has been progressing forward. Volunteers have completed construction of the Picnic Pavilion's base with the roof structure underway. Gifting the structure to the County Parks Department took place this summer. We are pleased to see the major part of the picnis pavilion in Mendon Station Parrk has been completed. Local volunteers have agreed to complete the trim and apply the shingles for the roof. Tim Schiefen has finished sandblasting and painting the decorative iron brackets and they are ready to be installed. Most of the remaining work will be completed just in time for the picnic season June 7. Hot dogs, anyone?

Committee members have been working closely with the Mendon Business Association in planning "The Mendon Arts Festival" which will benefit both the Park and the Community.

David Byrns (left), President of the Mendon Square Homeowner's Association, presents a check to Warren Wallace, Chairman of the Mendon Foundations's Mendon Station Park Committee, during an on-site discussion of the proposed stairway.


Donations and volunteers are always needed and very much appreciated. If you are interested in participating in any of the park development activities, please e-mail John Farrell at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it